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About Us

GVA is founded as a 508c1a faith-based member organization that establishes its own operating guidelines with the purpose of Christian discipleship and education for it's members.  508c1a’s are not under the jurisdiction of state, local, or federal government’s laws, regulations, or requirements, which sometimes do not have the best interest of the child in mind when it comes to policy-setting. Membership in GVA is voluntary and educational services are only open to members who agree with the faith-based principles of GVA. There is no cost to becoming a member but a membership application must be submitted when registering a child for the upcoming year.

One Nation Under God

In a world where values can sometimes seem fleeting, it's crucial to remember the timeless principles that our nation was founded upon. At GVA, we honor the biblical roots that have deeply influenced our country's founding. 


The Constitution, the cornerstone of our democracy, echoes many biblical principles such as justice, equality, and freedom. It's a testament to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who understood the importance of drawing upon timeless truths when crafting the framework of our nation.


We strive to uphold these values in our daily lives, fostering a society where integrity, compassion, and respect guide our actions. By embracing the spirit of unity and understanding, we can continue to build upon the foundation laid by those who came before us.


Unapologetically built on Christian values and truths to ensure our children's foundation of faith is being laid daily. Check it out!

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